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Auden & Company creates brand experiences for small businesses

Our story began with a small business in our hometown, who needed branding and trusted our founder Janae to take their words and manifest them into a full brand experience. From that point, Auden & Company mission is to help small businesses create one of a kind brand experiences. 

Here at Auden & Company, we believe in the power of supporting small businesses through creativity! We cultivate partnerships through authentic connections. Our goal is to see you well beyond the project completion. We offer education via articles, online courses, workshops, & resources

Whether you are launching a new brilliant idea or reigniting the spark in an existing business, we are in a unique position to create a brand that is truly one of a kind. Auden & Company is for you if you are an entrepreneur looking to create an elevated brand that is purposeful and makes your ideal client feel welcome and connected.

If you are interested in learning more about working with the Auden & Company team, please check out our creative services or contact us here.


A Note

from the founder

Hi, I am Janae, the founder and brand stylist of Auden & Company! I am on a mission to collaborate with small businesses to build one of a kind brands. 

My love for the ins & outs of digitally branding began during my career as a fashion blogger. I was eager to learn the 'how' of branding. So I began researching and applying branding techniques to my blog! I was so intrigued by the mystery and evolving nature of branding that I went from fashion blog author to brand stylist!

With a passion for the arts and the digitalscape, I thrive on collaborating with fellow business owners to create impactful brands. I am committed to accurately, consistently, and cohesively reflecting the vision of my clients throughout the digital world. I will always make the effort and take the extra time necessary to listen to each client and their needs so that I can understand and represent their brand completely. 

I promise to be the brand stylist, creative director, and business friend you and your business deserves.

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Our Team

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