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our goal 

is to help you style a brand that is purposeful and creates a powerful impact with your ideal client

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Brand Identity

At Auden & Company, we offer a personalized one on one brand identity creation. Rooted in authenticity! Our goal is to create a brand experience that your customers can trust!

Branding is all about creating a narrative for your ideal client. When we create a brand identity, we are establishing a guide of what to expect, experience, and remember about your business. Through the guidance of branding, you will learn how the ins and outs of what makes your business truly unique. Most importantly you will have a deep understanding of to market that uniqueness to captivate your audience.  

Our brand identity process 75% design & 25% constulancy! We start by finding clarity for your brand, through client homework and one on one meetings. We then take that clarity and create beautiful design elements that accurately represents the narrative of your brand. All of your hard work will be put into a brand blueprint so you can reference as your brand flourishes. 

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LOGO Design

At Auden & Company, we work in collaboration with your vision to create a beautiful logo design. By diving into what makes your brand magical we extract your distinctive creative mark. 

The art of designing a remarkable logo is all about developing an emotional connection with your audience. When we design a logo for your brand we are thinking of creating a lasting legacy for your company. By extracting your magic we are able to lead your logo creation in the direction that tells your story the best! The logo we create will stand for the authority your brand fosters amongst your audience! 

Just like any design we take pride in the details! We start with inspiration from both you and the Auden & Company team. We then deliver rounds of ideas in which we encourage your collaboration.  This process is completed with a beautiful logo delivery!


Package Design

At Auden & Company, we design packaging that will speak for your brand & pique the interest of your ideal consumer. 

The best package designs are the ones that shine on the shelf, online, and in the hands of your loyal customer. Design is all about creating a narrative for your consumer to immerse in. Through good packaging, we are elevating the way people communicate with your brand. Whether you are a food business or a cosmetic business, breathtaking packaging is key in establishing a magnificent brand.

Our package design process always starts with creative aspirations! We want to know how do you see your packaging coming to life! Once we understand the direction we then start the designing and revising process! 


Website Design

At Auden & Company, we create powerful websites that spark the attention of your consumers to discover more! 

Our main focus is to create sites that are responsive, rooted in user experience, and visually appealing. At the center of a well-designed website is the ability for the user to navigate it with ease. We want to provide impactful informational in conjunction with powerful design. When we design for our client’s we are focused on creating a website that multitasks as a hub for their customers to interact on! 

The design process for is a 50/50 split between structure and design. We start by gathering inspiration and copy information! Our goal is to WOW your customer that is why we use Squarespace as a design host!

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Print Design

At Auden & Company, we realize that unique designs should not just to stay online! We create print material that shines offline!

Print Design for us is the icing on the branding cake! We believe by saving this design process for last, we ensure that we connect the dots of your brand through brillant collateral material! The Auden & Company team will work with you to create materials that accent your brand!             

Whether you need a business card, shipping essentials, or fun stickers, we will curate a lovely collection of marketing material that your brand can grow into! 




Content Creation

At Auden & Company, we realize that content creation is an important factor in building brand awareness by leveraging the digital platforms!

Connect with your audience, customer, or ideal partnership through authentic content! Our content creation is a collaborative effort between you, the Auden & Company team, and our various collaborators. We strive to create one of kind content driven by your mission and supported by the power of analytics and metrics.

Wherever your customers are, you should be, too!  So whether you reaching out through social media platforms, email newsletters or blogs, we offer content creation packages in 3, 6, or 12 months! Our content creation is a collaborative partnership, we will create the content, structure, and. You will be in charge of connecting, engaging, and adding the “you” factor to the content.


We promise to treat you as a friend from the beginning of your project until the end. We will treat your vision & goals as if they were our own. We promise to create & deliver authentic designs. We promise to support your brand & you for years to come.

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