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our goal 

is to help you style a brand that is purposeful and creates a powerful impact with your ideal client

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One Mission. Three Studios.


our branding studio provides small business owners with branding services that include logo design, packaging design, website design, brand photography, & print material design.


our creative studio provides small business owners with creative services that include content creation for social media, social media strategy, and creative direction consultancy.  


our education studio provides small business owners with access educational resources that include a resource library, branding & business workshops, & overall business / branding consultancy.

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our branding studio


Brand Essence 

logo | website | print collateral

The Brand Essence Package builds the perfect foundation for your brand to stand on. After gaining clarity on your brand’s unique attributes and goals, we’ll develop a logo and website to perfectly embody your brand aesthetic. We’ll weave your online presence with printed material to reach your full potential audience.


Brand Radiance

Logo | Website | print Collateral | Photography

The Brand Radiance Package brings an additional sense of authenticity to your brand image with custom photography. Whether it be a product itself or a reflection of your brand story, this sense of personal connection will build to make a shining representation of your brand to your audience.


Brand Brilliance 

Logo | Website | package design | print | photo

The Brand Brilliance Package beautifully polishes your brand features by raising the overall design to the next level. Following the focus and tone that you’ve set, your brand will come to life. From the virtual and visual design concepts, to the physical marketing, your fully-realized aesthetic will actively engage your customers.



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Our Creative Studio


Social FLair

strategy | Photography | monthly Content

As a small business being active on social media is a requirement. Social media requires a lot of attention. The Auden & Company team will work alongside you to develop a social media strategy that include caption suggestions, best times to post, hashtags. In addition to 3 months of strategy and content, we also include a social media branded photoshoot. Our goal is to help you grow your business through the power of social media.


Brand Photo Flair


Your photography will tell your story as a brand when words can’t. Finding the right style of photography and photographer can be a daunting task! Our team wants to help you get the best results. During this 2 hour consultation we will create a plan of action for you. We will help you find your brand’s  photography style, create a mood board, create a shot list, and provide you with a list of photographers that you can trust to execute your vision.


Web flair

Website design

Your website is what we call your digital Brick & Mortar. The digital home for all things pertaining to your brand! Your website can be an effective tool in converting your website visitors to clients or consumers. The Auden & Company team will work alongside you to create a beautifully branded website. By using best practices, industry expertise, research data, and of course creativity to build a digital home for your brand!  

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