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The Maven Project

The Maven Project is designed to help you create a personal brand that allows you to position yourself as an expert. As you navigate through college, it is importance to start seeing your social media & interactions as an opportunity to make an impression that may lead to a career connection

Below you will find a questionnaire that will help you lay a foundation of who you are.




 The Questionnaire

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Branding Questions
A mission statement is a few sentences that express the purpose, identify the goal, describe products and/or services and highlights the target audience of a business. In other terms, it’s a sentence or two that describes the why, the how and the who. Use the space below to start brainstorming:
My business/brand does (insert what you do or want to do ) to help (who are you impacting) do (what does your help accomplish)
Your target audience is the group of people that you market your business and offerings towards. When considering your target audience, it’s important to take into effect the demographics and psychographics. Demographics are the measurable traits. Psychographics are the immeasurable traits. To create a one-of-a-kind brand you want to go beyond a few bullet point concepts of your target audience and get a more intimate understanding of them by creating a target audience biography. Having an intimate understanding of your target audience ensures you are creating content that attracts them and serves their needs.
Demographics Extra - If it applies to you
One of the most influential parts of the branding questionnaires I give to my design clients is the 10 adjectives they choose to define their brand. Adjectives are powerful in creating visuals, defining the tone and honing in on a brand's aesthetic. The 10 adjectives you choose should reflect your mission statement and the target audience you’ve depicted earlier.
The tone and terminology of your brand may be the most overlooked and undervalued concept within branding. When brand terminology is identified effectively you can create consistency, improve marketing and foster a community. If you do this exceptionally well, you can make your brand terms inhabit popular culture. The tone of your brand should be consistent with the overall brand voice. Whether that is silly, and inviting or reserved and educational you need to create consistency across your brand and marketing efforts. This means each email, blog post and social media comment should exhibit the same tone.

Social Media

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Why does social media matter to your bottom line? What about it carries meaning and significance in your business and to your marketing efforts?
This list will keep things in perspective, giving you confidence for what you’re doing well and reminding you what you’re trying to improve upon.
Which social media platforms are you going to focus on? There is no shame in not showing up on all of them.
Identify the 3-5 general content categories you’ll be posting about consistently. Drill it down to what speaks the most to your brand and stay within those realms.

Next Assignment

Will be capturing the story we want to tell! Your story! I know writing about yourself can be daunting but we will help each other out!