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Too Good Eats is a healthy food company, changing the way families snack by providing fruit & veggie blends and popsciles. 

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Project Overview

When we started creating for Too Good Eats, I had hoped that at the end a friendship could blossom! Almost a year into our collaboration and I must say I have so much love for the Russell Family! 

This project was a multi-faceted project! Our main objective was to create a brand that was fun, communicated healthy, and had family rooted at the center. Anique & Ali asked the Auden & Company team to create packaging, a website, and content creation! 

We first started with packaging which was a collaboration with Ron Hansen Designs! When we did the brand audit our goal was to create packaging that wow'd on the shelf. We wanted it to be as eye-catching as we could make it! We choose COLOR & of course cute animals!  

I then went on to design the website which actually had 2 versions! The first version was an ode to the packaging! It was kid friendly in design and parent-friendly in functionality. After much thinking, we decided that we wanted to make the site calm and give Too Good Eats room to grow into their brand. Bringing more white to the site but making sure pops of colors made an impactful appearance. 

To this day, Too Good Eats still remains a client with us! We are currently doing month to month content creation for them! We love doing content creation for them! Our main objective is to stay on our toes and keep thinking of creative ways to share their mission and products with the world! 


Logo + Type 

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brand elements

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Content Creation 


brand photography

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