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About Cleveland Cold Brew

Cleveland Cold Brew brew Coffee is exactly what you think it is! Cold brew coffee brew and inspired by Cleveland

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Project Overview

Yay! To brand identity with a touch of package design! I love designing but I also love becoming one with the brand through research! Cleveland Cold Brew Coffee came to Auden & Company for a brand identity package, which includes a logo, a brand blueprint, and collateral materials, and package design! 

Research & Design are the key components of a well-designed brand! When I first met with Karen, I was inspired by her 'why.' Why she started Cleveland Cold Brew was such a vibrant story especially if you are a Cleveland fan! When any client shows as much passion as Karen I couldn't help be inspired! 


We started with brand research. Finding what makes her business unique through various client homework assignments. Picking apart her reason for being helped me design a logo that was both fitting to the research and to her vision. 

After we got through research and logo design, I started the packaging! I believe packaging is where it all comes together! I went for a kraft based designed which allowed me to pull from the natural shades of coffee to create a unique design! 

We pulled everything together we a few designs for marketing material! All together created a well rounded branded! 

Logo + Type 

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