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About Mili Oils

Mili Oils is a health & beauty all natural skin care line that crafts oils for hair, skin, & body. Started by two scientist that took the chemistry of skin and applied it to their product line.


Project Overview

Mili Oils holds a special place in our hearts here at Auden & Company. Mili Oils was our very first client that started this journey! 

I was brought on to the Mili Oils project to add a fresh prespective and bring this business into the digital age of e-commerce. I spent about a year with Mili Oils, meeting with them weekly to help establish where they could use help and what aspects of their could we leverage. 

This project was primarily a branding project! We reimagined their story to take away from the complicated science chatter and bring to light the simplistic feeling that matches the ingredients of their organic skin care! 

This branding project we wrote product descriptions and create a brand theserusas, that they could refrence back to, & we created specialized tyopgraphy. Our main goal was to simplfy. To eliminate the chemist jargon and really to the core of this brand. 

During this year not only did we bring to light a beautiful relatable brand story, we redesigned their packaging, created a simplistic e-commerce website, got amazing product photography. 

 I do love when projects come to end because that means your business is ready to fly! Saying bye to Mili Oils was hard! 



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