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Some of our projects are just fun creative exercises! We normal create logos & patterns for our social media platforms! The idea is to keep our minds thinking creatively, so when you are ready to book us our creative minds are sharp!  This post will be formatted differently from the others in our portfolio!

Hope you enjoy!

Grace's Florals

This was just a fun project that I created because I wanted to play with these colors! It was fun to elaborate on the first design and come up with a few more concepts & play with the leaf to create a pattern.  

Grace's Florals Logo Concept (3).png
Grace's Florals Logo Concept (4).png
Grace's Florals Logo Concept.png
Grace's Florals Logo Concept (1).png

Rustic ambition

Rustic Ambition was a project built around the geometic bear. It was a modern twist on a rustic idea. What I love the most about this concept was the different textures that I created through the use of a font heirarchy! 


Rooted Botanics

This concept was inspired by these beautiful watercolor illustrations! When I saw them, I decided I could not wait for a client to fall in love with them, so of course I played! What I love the most about this concept is that it is vertical! I think it is rare that we see a vertical logo. I played on the word "rooted" and placed the leaf element so it looked as if it was coming up from the roots. 

ROOTED (3).png
ROOTED (1).png

Alexa James Bakery

This concept was developed, truly, out of fun! Auden & Company works with a lot of food businesses and keeping our mind fresh is very important. I love this concept because of the colors & the font. This font can sit alone & shine. 


Alexa James Bakery (1).png
Alexa James Bakery (4).png
Alexa James Bakery (2).png


This is what I like to call typography play! Where I take a word & create a logo design out of it! As you could have guessed the word was moon! Here is what I came up with!

MOON LOGO (1).png


Just fun & random design work!

GG - Gourmet Garden.png
Nomad design.png
The Vegan Kitchen.png
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