Our Interns

Meet our Fall 2018 Intern


Lauren | Editorial Intern

My name is Lauren Betts, I’m 23 years old and I’m a senior at Cleveland State, majoring in Communications. I have a four-year-old daughter named Carter and I'm engaged to my fiance', Robert. I love to read, listen to music, and relaxing with my little family. I'm also all about everything beauty. After Graduation, my hope is to get into the arts and culture scene in marketing.  

Meet the company's summer (2018) interns!



My name is Eve Witzigreuter and I am starting my sophomore year at the University of Cincinnati. During my first year I was in the Lindner College of Business as an undecided major, but I am declaring marketing and entrepreneurship this coming Fall.

I am the third person in my family to attend the University of Cincinnati and my experience so far has been great! I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio my entire life and I love the city. The University of Cincinnati has taught me how to be an independent, hard-working, and dedicated student.

Currently, I am in a member of Kappa Alpha Theta as well as a part-time nanny. I nanny two boys after my classes conclude for the day, as well as take part in events with my sorority. Within the College of Business I have attended a pitch competition, volunteered and worked with a non-profit organization, and performed a SWOT analysis on a company. I really enjoyed volunteering at St. Vincent De Paul and working with the non-profit to increase awareness of their mission. During the pitch competition, I had the privilege to pitch an idea I had come up with to investors, entrepreneurs, business owners and more. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself and the creative side of business.


Victoria | Social Media Intern

Victoria Shepherd is like every other woman, she wakes up in the morning and that alone deserves some credit. She was raised in a small town in Delmont, Pennsylvania. At the age of 16, she got her first job as a hostess at a nearby diner where she worked with her mom for 4 years. Finally, at the age of 19 she said “enough is enough” and decided, after taking a year off of school, to pack her bags and move to Cleveland to pursue a degree in Art.

However,Victoria quickly realized that although she likes to paint and draw, art school was not meant forher. After reaching her first life crisis, she decided to pursue a degree in communication, something she knew very well.

Today, Victoria is working on her bachelors degree in both General and Promotional communication at Cleveland State University. On the weekends, when she is not working, you can find her at home with her boyfriend Joshua and dog Bastion. Her favorite past times include
napping, content curation and miscellaneously doodling on her desk calendar.



My name is Danielle. I’m a recent college graduate and an unpublished writer (for now!). When I’m not working or tweaking my writing, I like to spend my time hiking, baking, loving on my cat, and soaking up plenty of fictional drama!

Whether in a professional or casual environment, I value genuine
connections. It’s so important to recognize and respect each other for who we are and it really improves any work we create together.



My name is Patrick Orsagos and  I am a sophomore studying Journalism with minors in English  and Spanish  at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. I read Harry Potter a little too much, and I use face masks religiously (charcoal mud mask being my favorite).

I love to find stories within stories and share them in new and innovative ways. Words have power, and I would like to use that power for good.



Hello! My name is Zachary MacLellan. I am a senior at John Carroll University , majoring in Human Resources Management.  I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (Richmond Heights). In my free time , I enjoy traveling! Just this past year I got to travel to Israel, Budapest (Hungary),  and Cluj-Transylvania (Romania) to visit my family that lives there. 

On another note, I haven’t had much previous work experience thus far, other than occasionally working at my family’s Sub Shop on Coventry, so I look forward to working with everyone at Auden & Company this Summer!