Brand Clarity Questions

These questions are designed to help both of us find a clear brand direction before we start designing the visual identity of your brand. we us these questions to find clarity so we can design a brand that you can grow into! Please fill out, hit submit, and let the branding magic begin! 

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Explain the vision you see for your business. What sort of company do you dream of building? If nothing was standing in your way, what would you be doing, how would you be doing it, and who would you be doing for it? You are creating a business on your terms, what does your business look like?
Summarize who you are and who your business is. What is it that you do? Where will a potential client/customer find value in what you offer? Dive into your personality and where you think those traits overlap with the personality of your business. Think beyond the tangible elements of your brand/ business. Think about the intangible elements, such as a the experience they are buying into.
Magic is also known as the "how" of your business? How do you do business? What is so special about your approach to your industry? Elaborate on the value you add. What is the ethos behind your brand? Think about your founding values, unique attributes, etc. Why is your business the only choice for your dream client?
Clients/Customers will trust you if you show them that you know your stuff! What experiences have led you to this starting point? Why are you brilliant at what you do? What are your qualifications? Explain what you offer that only you can offer. Think about your process, your perspective, and your personality!
Why do you do what you do and why does that matter? Dive into your mission, elaborate on your vision, explain why what you do is worthwhile? When you think about giving up what keeps driving you forward? Explain your inspiration behind why you started. Think about moments in your life that inspired your business.
Describe the mark you want to leave behind. In 5 years where do you see your company? Think about the impact that your product/service will have on the customer? Think about how the mark you want to leave will play into the experience you create?
Think of boundaries! These boundaries will not necessarily limit potential clients but will help you set parameters to only take on your dream clients. Where do you sit on the market? What are your limits? What will you compromise on and what will you not compromise on? This may be price, type of work, type of person, etc.
Explain your dream client. Explain your starter client. Explain your "No" client. Why will they choose you? What pulls them into inquire about your business?
The niche that your business falls into is also known as your sweet spot on the market. Only you can own this sweet spot! Celebrate your sweet spot!
Visual Brand
Spring, Summer, Fall, or winter?
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