How do we begin?

Our creative journey all starts with inquiry form so that we can start the conversation about your project! We then will hop on “get to know you call” so I can ask you some questions about what you are trying to accomplish with your business and brand. This always gives you a chance to ask me any questions you may have. After we wrap up our phone call, I will send you a proposal for your approval. If you decide to move forward, I will send you a contract and invoice. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot in our creative studio.

what are your rates? Do you have a price sheet?

Each brand & project is different, we send each client a customized proposals that is a reflection of what their brand needs. Although I do prefer to send a customized proposal, I do have offer a price list. If you need a quick quote, pleas fill out the contact form here with as much information as you can give! 


What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is project dependent! Depending on the intensity of the project the time will vary. It is also important to remember that we work together a collaborators. The faster you get things over to us the easier it is to stay on schedule! 

do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do! Auden & Company supports small businesses by providing payment plan options! Some payment plans options vary service to service. if you want to learn more shoot us a friendly mail! 


Are you currently taking on new clients?

We are! You can inquiry here

What is your design process?

You can read an overview of our design process here. Once you book our services you will get a more in depth process tailored to your brand. 

Do you design on anything besides squarespace?

We are biased to Squarespace! One reason why we work on squarespace is all of the integration ease. As well as the ability to transfer ownership over to our clients knowing that they can handle the backend with confidence. 

how was the name auden & company created?

Once upon a time... Janae was sitting (Just kidding). Auden & Company was dreamt up when Janae was struggling to come up with a name after months & months of trying but never actually falling in love with any of them. Janae had one requirement for the name and that was no matter what it turned out to be, the name had to have room for growth. She started thinking of all the names she had fell in love with over the years. While she was in the car the name Auden popped into her head. Remembering "Auden" from  "Along for the Ride" a Sarah Dessen novel she read as a teen, Janae had finally fell in love with a name. Auden & Company was born.


Is Auden & Company hosting workshops?

You can head to our work session page (here) to see what we are hosting! We host workshops & chats both in person & online.

Do you offer services a la carte

No we do not. We truly believe as a branding firm our mission is help our client create an authentic brand. We believe the way we can accomplish that is by being their creative side kick every step of their branding journey.