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How To Apply

Make sure you read through all the intern position descriptions so you are sure you are applying for the one you are interested in! 

Please apply within the form below with your resume & your cover letter by MARCH 31ST! I ( Janae ) will be reaching out via email to set up an interview with you! After I finish the interviews I will then contact you and give you the details of your summer internships! 

If you don't hear from me, please don't be discouraged and look out for other intern opportunities! 


  • College Student

  • Able to receive college credit

  • Able to work 10 hours a week

  • Has an understanding of the Auden & Company aesthetic

  • Fun & willing to learn

  • Ability to work at our Cleveland office

  • Creative thinking is a MUST!

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Photography Intern

Do you love to capture the story or a moment? Is your camera an extension of your body? Are you interested to know what a branding session in the food, beauty or lifestyle industry looks like?

As a photography intern you will be working closely with Janae & our photographer Anita, to capture brand work for client’s, behind the scene imagery, and brand photography for Auden & Company.

A day in the life of a photography intern consists of prop lists, creating shot list, creating mood boards for our clients shoots, acting as a second shooter to our photographer Anita and of course editing.

If you happen to love all things photo please apply with your resume, cover letter, & answer the question of "What makes a great photo" Make sure you put Photography Intern in your subject line.


Editorial intern

Do you have a love for magazines & blogs? As an editorial intern, you will be working closely with Janae to develop blog post articles, pitching content ideas, doing content outreach for guest posts, features, & interviews, editorial calendars & many more things related to the blogging space!

In addition to that, you also will be working Janae to help pitch editorial content ideas to the content creation clients of Auden & Company! 

Here at the company, we would love for our editorial intern to have their fingers on the digital pulse! This way you can craft one of a kind educational fun articles! A day in the life of an editorial intern at Auden & Company looks a little bit like pitching story ideas, meeting with the creative team to develop an action plan for our editorial calendar, help to develop the images needed to go with said articles! You will be an intricate part of growing the "At The Desk" blog! 

If you happen to love blogs & writing please apply with your resume, cover letter & writing samples. Make sure you put Editorial Internship in your subject line! 


Business Administration intern

Does business excite you? Do you have a love for spreadsheets, to do list, cold emailing, scheduling? Are you interested to learn the ins and outs of a small business start-up in the heart of Cleveland!? YES....! Awesome! 

With the biz admin internship, you will be working with Janae to run Auden & Company. This can range from helping with errands to new client outreach, running monthly reports & more. During our time at Auden & Company, you will help Janae determine methods of how we can improve as a small business as well share your thoughts on current client business operations! 

Here at the company, we would love our business intern to be a problem solver, enjoys connecting with people, a researcher, and is not afraid to tackle a task!

If you happen to love business especially those that are small please apply with your resumecover letter, and answer the question "what makes a small business special!" Make sure you put Business Admin Internship in the subject line!  


graphic design intern

Does design excite you? Do you like seeing an idea blossom into a fully developed brand?

As a graphic design intern you will be in charge of brand ideation, design of your idea, creating mood boards, client work and designing assets for Auden & Company.

Here at Auden & Company, we want our graphic design interns to have true passion for storytelling. As a branding firm it is essential for us to be able to translate our clients journey into their brand identity.

If you happen to love design apply with your resumecover letter, and answer the question "What are three essential aspects of a well designed brand" Make sure you put Graphic Design Internship in the subject line!  


Social Media Marketing Intern

Are you always on your phone? Do you know about software updates the moment they happen? Are you willing to try out new social media apps hoping you will be ahead of the trend!?

As a social media intern you will be working with the creative department to take the social media accounts of Auden & Company to the next level! You will be helping to manage both company social media accounts & client social media accounts. As well as brainstorm creative marketing methods & content! 

A day in the life of a social media marketing intern consists of curating content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & Youtube, helping to manage client social media accounts, pitching advertising ideas to Janae, & many other things that involve your phone! 

If you happen to love all the social please apply with your resume, cover letter, & answer the question of "which social media platform is your favorite & who is your favorite digital influencer?" Make sure you put Social Media Intern in your subject line



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