Why YOU Need to Invest in Branding

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What’s Nike without “Just Do It,” Starbucks without the twin-tailed mermaid, or Tiffany & Co. without the color blue? Average. Iconic brands such as these have mastered the ‘not so secret’ strategy that sets them apart from the masses: branding. Branding is at the core of what makes a business unique. It provides an individual identity and serves as the bridge that gaps business to consumer. Whether big or small, it's impossible to run a successful business without some form of branding. 

Business is a two-way street between you and the consumer. You have one chance to make a good impression, so don’t be the type of date that has them running out to handle a fake emergency. Yikes. It’s no secret that in order to form meaningful relationships, we must break down our barriers and get to know one another, even at the most basic level of understanding. When put into perspective, why should we handle business any differently? Branding is the consumer's way of getting to know you and your company. How will any consumer come to trust and invest in your brand if they know nothing about it? It’s crucial that you invest in your brand the same way that you invest in yourself. After all, branding defines the YOU in your business. 

Reason 1 | Clarity 

If you don’t have a solid understanding of who you are as a business, then how the heck are your consumers supposed to know? Clarity and transparency are two of the most important characteristics for any business to acquire. Ideally, branding paints a crystal-clear picture that leaves no questions unanswered. Consumers should not have to come to their own conclusion about who you are as an individual, let alone a business. You know what they say about assuming…so take out the guessing game when it comes to your company name. 

Branding can help tie many aspects of your business together. It not only provides clarity for the consumer but for yourself as a business owner. You cannot run an efficient business without knowing who you are. Branding establishes purpose, highlights key beliefs, and serves as an inner guide when making key business decisions. With a clear message and purpose, it will be much simpler to make decisions that coincide with you and your company. As we like to say here at Auden & Co., “that’s on-brand.” 

Reason 2 | Individuality 

If for no other reason, we urge you to invest in branding simply to stand out from the crowd. Based on the individualistic society we live in, it’s no secret that most strive to be leaders, not followers. This concept holds true in the business world. Without branding, you’re merely another search result on google. There are a million clothing companies in the world, but why do you shop at only a select few? Maybe it’s because you simply like what they have to offer, or maybe it’s because you identify with the brand. 

With a brand, individuality comes from brand identity. Branding humanizes your company and gives it personality. It gives consumers something with which they can relate. In many cases, branding can put a face to a name. For consumers, business interactions are much easier to approach when there is another human being at the other end. As your consumer gets to know you as an individual, they gain a better understanding of your company. 

Trust is a key player in branding. How your business is perceived has a lot to do with your branding strategy. Build a brand under which you are proud to put your name. Individuality is what sets us apart as human beings as well as our business endeavors. Branding is your path to outreach. Don’t hide behind the outskirts of your company, but rather embrace it. Let your personality shine within your business. You simply being a genuine human being and staying true to who you are is the best branding strategy a business owner could follow. Be the ONE in the many and let your individuality lead the way to success for your brand. 

Reason 3 | Professionalism 

Branding is an obvious way to showcase your level of professionalism. This concept is quite simple: look the part to play the part. If you present a clean-cut appearance to consumers, they are more likely to trust that the level of work you produce will be of similar quality. Think about it. No one wants to work with a company that doesn’t have a website, is nowhere to be found on social media, and has a logo that a three-year-old drew. Sure, this might be an extreme example, but it proves a point. The level of effort you put forth towards branding is the scale at which a consumer is going to measure the quality of your product or service. 

Branding is the appearance of a company. Generally, most people don’t roll out of bed and run out the door on the day of an important job interview. It takes time and effort to present oneself in a professional manner. Once again, I ask, why do we treat business any differently than common everyday scenarios? If you wouldn’t roll out of bed for an interview, why would you consider doing it for your business? Branding is the image that you portray to potential clients. If you take your time and put in the appropriate effort, the standard of business at which you hold yourself to is very clear to the consumer. 

Now That You’re Convinced…

Now that you understand the dire need for branding within your own company, it’s time to act. No matter who you are, or what your company may be, branding is for YOU. No company reaches success from just being average, so why even set yourself up for failure? The few points listed below serve as a reminder as you venture on the road to building your brand:

  • Branding should establish purpose, highlight beliefs, and paint a clear understanding of your company for any and all consumers. 

  • Branding humanizes your company and gives it personality. Don’t be afraid to embrace that individuality and establish your brand identity. 

  • Branding is a way to showcase your level of professionalism to the consumer. You must look the part to play the part 

Last but not least…branding is for YOU!