Brand Photography | The Crucial Step You Shouldn't Overlook

Since the growth of Instagram as an effective marketing tool, photography has become a huge part of how we communicate. So it is essential that we incorporate photography into our brand strategy. Imagery commands space on our websites, social media platforms, collateral material, email marketing and more. In this article we will discuss what brand photography is, how you create a style that is consistent,

Brand Photography is the visual narration of your brand. The images you choose or create will be the visual aid you need in order to tell the unique story of your business. Beyond the simple concept of visual storytelling, you have to take in account that brand photography is the constant reminder of your brand, which means you have to take in account of the message you want to send!

Here are some steps to help you define your photographic style

one | Define the goal of the images with your brand in mind

Developing your photographic style all leads back to your brand strategy. To ensure your images are recognizable for your ideal customers, take their unique styles into consideration. Your photography should be in tuned with your branding just as much as your logo or color scheme.

Let’s use your editing choice as an example. If you are fun and playful brand then your photography style will include lots of bright colors and fun props. White would be your neutral and consistent note in all of your photos. If your brand is dark and mysterious then your photography style will have a winter personality. Lots of grey and black and dark woods.

two | develop an inspirational foundation

Before you start snapping your photos or hiring a photography, let’s talk about finding inspiration to make the process a little easier. You want to start with research or we will call it “inspiration seeking.”

  1. Look at how your business role models tackle photography.

  2. Create a Pinterest board with inspiration

  3. Take note of

    Composition and Context: The people and objects you include in your photos provide your audience all the context it needs to understand your brand. This helps with portraying the story you want to tell.

    Environment: Be mindful of the location(s) and lighting(s) of your photos will help you to establish consistency and recognition through your photography.

    Color Palette: Color is one of the most identifiable aspects of your brand, so it only makes sense that your photos fall in line with this! Using neutral backgrounds is a great way to make your accent colors pop.

Three | Decide the DIY route or hiring a photographer

If you are taking the photos yourself, make sure you understand the basis of what it takes to capture a good image. You may have to invest in equipment and classes to learn how to capture the perfect image for your brand.

If you are looking to hire a photographer.make sure you pick someone who caters to your brand’s message. Take into consideration these aspects,

  1. Their Portfolio | Do you actually like their work?

  2. Their Editing Style | Do you like their end result?

  3. Your Relationship & Communication Style | Do you get along with them? Do you feel comfortable enough directing your vision in this partnership?

Your partnership with your photographer is intimate and communication is key.

Four | Test & Edit

Of course you will have to test out your strategy and edit accordingly. We went through 4 photographers before finding our go to photographer and forming our collective. You can always supplement stock imagery as you test the waters.

Brand Photography for Auden & Co

Shot by Anita Louise Photography


Brand Photography for Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce

Shot by Sharon Hughes Photography


Brand Photography for Family For Life

Shot by Anita Louise Photography