Get To Know Your Audience


Lately, we have been helping clients gain clarity by finding who their ideal audience is and on the other we have been having conversations about shifting how we (Auden & Company) market to communicate with our ideal audience! Both of these experiences have led us to gain some insight on how exactly we define who our ideal audience truly is. Now we know! Yes Yes Yes! We know that we can’t appeal to everyone and want you to understand that as well. Your ideal client or audience will never be everyone, once we accept that we can then shine in our business!

Dive deep into Demographics

The first set of demographic research is into your audience as whole. You main objective is to understand who you sharing with as a group not as individuals.

  1. Age

  2. Gender

  3. Education & Income Level

  4. Cultural & Familial Background

  5. Geographic Location

The second round of demographic research is into your audience as individuals. The main objective is getting to know your audience on a more personal level.

  1. Values & Opinions

  2. Niches

  3. Personality Traits

  4. Problems & Goals

Take Note From Competition

While your audience is unique to your brand the path of communication between you & your audience can be similar to your competitor. Here is what we mean, look to your competition to get an understanding of strategies that they have put in place to connect with their audience. Due to the increase of influencer marketing more companies have become aware of the importance of connecting with their audience in an authentic way. Learn from their previous shortcomings; stalk, take notes, even ask questions!

Listen Your Audience

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Your audience is communicating with you through their engagement or lack of engagement of your posts. This is a great time to test the waters with old & new content. Maybe you are looking to change the colors within your feed, have your audience vote via stories which new aesthetic they like the most. Keeping them apart of your journey will increase their willingness to engage.

Ask yourself

  1. How do they engage with your content from others? Are they sharing it, commenting, liking, etc?

  2. What are your analytics telling you? Check all analytics; social, site & Google

  3. Practice social listening

    Social Listening: is is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online!

    If you are looking to really grasp what the needs and likes of your audience you can send out a survey

Create Audience Personas

A persona is a character profile. These profiles provide a simple way to humanize your research. You have done the research, you have learned from your competition, and you have listened to your current engaged audience and or clientele, you can create accurate audience personas. Personas will make writing copy, designing, how you communicate 10x now 100x more simpler! Since you have a people you can directly market towards rather creating generic vague content for the masses!

Start From The Finish

Have you ever heard of starting with your big vision then diving into the details. Same applies here. By starting with your ideal audience you then can determine your ideal customer.

Tips for Defining your ideal audience

  • Define your product or service

  • Determine who would benefit from what your brand offers

  • Consider how they’d get connected with your business (possibly social media)

  • Outline their specific characteristics or demographics

Using What You Learned to Connect with YOUR Audience

You now have a pretty good understanding of who your target audience / customer is but how do you get your message to them in an effective way? You go where your audience is. If your audience is mainly on Instagram thats where your efforts should go. If LinkedIn is where your community thrives then take your efforts to LinkedIn!

Ask yourself

  • Where does your audience get their information?

  • What sources do your customers trust?

Remember that your audience on Instagram will be different than your audience on Facebook or email. This is where your personas will play a huge part of simplifying the process of your message communication. Your voice and tone as a brand is just as important as the content you are sharing, be mindful of how your audience reacts to your captions, articles, email marketing copy and so forth!

Question of the session

Do you have a hard time defining your ideal audience and client? If so, what is one aspect you struggle with the most?