What Do You Need On Your Homepage?

Mili Oils Homepage MockUp

Mili Oils Homepage MockUp

One of the services that we provide as a full service branding firm is website design! We work with our clients to build a website that effectively tells their story! In our process we actually get all of the supporting and main pages wire-framed and completed before moving to the homepage!

Your website is similar to a brick and mortar store! Your ideal customer or client comes to your website to get the run down of who you are, what you offer, and how you can help them! Because we live in the age of digital media, your homepage needs to be thoughtful! Your homepage holds the power to pull your customer in so they dive deeper into your website eventually leading to the booking process!

Today we are sharing 3 must haves your homepage should have!

Must Have Number One

A summary of the ‘need to know’

If you could summarize your business down to a paragraph, what would you highlight? What do you value as a brand, what is your vision, how do you serve your clients, what clients do you serve, and so forth? Your homepage is what I like to call bragging rights territory! Highlight THE BEST ASPECTS of your brand! By summarizing what you do and how you do it, you are making it easier for the right client to find you!

Must Have Number Two

A Call To Action

What is the goal of your homepage? With all the pages on your website you should have a purpose for each page that ultimately leads to the viewer following your call to action. Would you like for your visitor to learn more, Inquire about the services you offer, to download a freebie, sign up for your newsletter, etc etc…? Having a clear and concise call to action will help you determine the flow of the page, which will help guide your visitor.

Must Have Number Three

Shedding Light On You & Your Work

When I am designing a site for a client, I am always looking for creative ways to showcase both the personality of the brand and the personality of the business owner behind the brand! We refer to your website as your online home! In your home you like to display your style, your personality personified by your choice of furniture, art, & etc. Applying that logic to your digital home, how do you stand out? What makes your home different than all of the other businesses that have a home in the digital space? Is it your style of brand photography or possibly design style? Whatever it may be it is important to showcase your uniqueness via your portfolio & a little snippet about yourself!

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What is one way your brand stands out?