Finding Brand Clarity

clarity (noun) is the fundamental foundation in which a great brand is built! 
— Janae (Brand Stylist)

One of the frequently asked questions I get is ‘What makes a great brand?” Is it the logo, the visual elements, the people behind the brand? A great brand is built when you have established a clear foundation to build upon!

In today’s business session, I will be sharing with you how you can find brand clarity and start building a brand that will attract the right audience for your business! Before we get started, let’s review a few a fundamentals elements of branding!


Misconceptions of Branding:

Branding is only visuals & design

  • Branding is so much more than a logo! Your brand is the soul of your business! A soul, by nature is complex and has layers.

Your branding should be on trend

  • If you style your brand to be on trend, your business will suffer. You want your brand to be authentic!

You only need branding when you have gained traction as a business

  • Every business should come out the gate swinging with a beautiful styled brand. This helps you establish credbility and trust!

You should rebrand often.

  • If you and your brand stylist, design your brand correctly you should not need another rebrand for 5 -10 years. Maybe a tweak here and there!

Branding is what people say about your business when you aren't in the room. Your brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that make your business exceptionally unique. With that uniqueness, you will stand out in comparison to your competitors!

Finding Clarity

use these prompts as guiding clarity beacon.

Who You Are | At The Core

In 2 - 3 sentences summarize what you do! At the foundation of your business, what is it that you are exactly selling? The end result is to find what it is that your clients or customers are buying into when they are purchasing your services.

Finding Your Power | Yay to Uniqueness

No one is you and that is your power! What makes your take at your business different from all the other businesses in your niche? The value you add is the heart of your business. Where is your focus & how did that come to be your focus? Your story & perspective is what makes you unique. It is important to take time to reflect on that & find your authentic uniqueness. Finding this sense of authenticity will help your dream client realize why you are their only choice!

Establishing Credibilty | Knowing Your Stuff

How is it that you are an expert at what you do? What experiences have led to where you are right now. psst … starting a business. What makes you qualified to pitch to a potential client your services & justify your prices? Whether it is schooling, training, or certifications that experience will establish credibility. Think about your process, your perspective, & your personality then apply that when answering what do you offer that only you can!!

What’s Your Story | Refining Your Narrative

Your story will always give your business an immense amount of meaning by engaging & wooing your audience. Let's refine the narrative. How did you get where you are currently? Why do you do what you do and why does that matter? What inspired you to start your business & why would that matter to your clients? What’s your mission, value proposition, and overall drive that keeps you & your business moving forward? Take all the elements of your story that will draw an emotional connection with your customer and refine your narrative.

Legacy | A Long Lasting Brand

This is a thinking exercise. Let’s think about the mark your business will be leaving behind, whether that is 5 years from now or 30. Thinking about your legacy is a great way to build a brand you can grow into. Going back to the big idea question, without any limitations where would your business be in 10, 15, or even 20 years? Does your product offer impact to the customers, change lives, or add to the brand experience?

Less Is More | Embracing Benefical Change

Do your clients or customer see your business as you would like them to see it? Is there a certain perception about your business that you would like to change? Or maybe you want to do more or less of something. Are your potential customers understanding the value of your credibility? if yes, then AWESOME. If no, what can you do to align the perception of your business better? What change can you enact that will give your customer that right expectation? Use this question as a tool to reassess what you are offering. Is it within your comfort zone? Does it push you way beyond your comfort to the point that it may be compromising the quality? Focus on what you are truly amazing at. Remember less is always more

Sweet Spot | Where do YOU fit In?

What do you bring to the table that will give you leverage in your market? Thinking both strategically and aspirationally how do you compare to your competitors? What leverage do you hold over your competition and what aspects of your competitors do you aspire to be?  Where do you want to position your brand on the market? How does your price & offerings reflect that aspiration? Is it authentic to the values of your brand? Think about your process and overall brand experience!  To add more clarity do a swot analysis, choosing 2 to 4 competitors to analyze where you sit on the market in comparison.

Limitations | Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Every successful business has healthy but flexible boundaries. Deciding what you will and will not compromise on will be essential in finding clarity. That clarity determines pricing, methods, & processes.  As well helps to form a filtering system when it comes to who you will and will not work with. Another form of limitation can be within your personal mindset. Ask yourself what is stopping you from creating the business of your dreams? Is it lack of resources, funds, time, or the simple question of where to start? Identifying your limits will empower you to adjust so you can create a really powerful brand!’

The Main Take Aways from this Session.

As a brand you will need to establish your

  1. Why | Why did you start your business? What is your definition of success?

  2. What | What is it that you love doing in your business & what DONT you love doing?

  3. Who | Brainstorm who you are & what qualities will bring personaility to your brand. Who is your ideal customer or client.

  4. How | How will you share this clarity? Start with a marketing plan!

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