Fitting Brand Voice into Copy


    In a business using multiple platforms to communicate, consistency is a must. You want to set an expectation for your audience by maintaining brand voice through every medium.

What is Brand Voice?

Brand voice is the way you reflect brand concept and personality. It’s how you appeal to your audience and how you want them to continue hearing your brand. The voice needs to adhere the main aesthetic and core values. Consider the qualities you want your brand to be known for: vibrant quirkiness, neatly distinguished, family wholesomeness...the voice expresses personal charm while conducting business. 

What is Copy?

Copy communicates the technical side of your brand. Writing copy will always be very different than writing for social media or blog articles because it includes your formal information. Next to the casual and direct conversational pieces, copy clarifies the business aspect of your brand. Website content, printed information, and any other supportive writing contribute to your copy.

Copywriting in Brand Voice

The trick to maintaining brand voice while copywriting is balancing out the personal tone in the informative business segments. This balance depends on the subject matter; discussing casual topics obviously leaves more room for a conversational tone. However, more strict technical topics require some trial and error. It’s important to keep clarity at the forefront, but don’t lose your brand’s personality! Think of the brand as a character; think about how that character would phrase something. Let’s say you’re working on a product description. An informative description would be pretty straightforward but softening or elevating the vocabulary could make all the difference to the attitude the language conveys. 

Question of the session:

Does your copy fit your brand voice?