3 Routines to De-Stress


3 Routines to De-Stress

Life is stressful -that’s an inescapable truth for most of the population. Whether it’s work or personal life, we’ve all got to learn to deal with that stress. What happens when it creeps into your me-time? Switch up your routine! We’re offering up three activities to help relieve your stress. You can incorporate any of these into your weekly routine or just make time for something different once. Try them out and keep trying new ideas! 

1. Unplug and Go Zen

    Turn off your notifications and try some form of meditation. No, you don’t have to sit with your legs crossed in silence. It’s all about clearing your mind. If you’re the type of person that needs specific direction to focus your thoughts away from worry, try out yoga! There are countless free videos online (just search YouTube!) for any level. If you find it easier to zone out without yogi instruction, give yourself a mini-spa. Sure, it sounds cliché...but have you ever actually done it? We’re not talking about a primping session before going out. We mean, actively choose yourself over your stressors. Start up a bubble bath (or toss in a bath bomb), slather on that face mask, and sink into a puddle of self-love. Tune out everything that’s been nagging at you and listen to your own breathing. By the end of it, you can either bounce back refreshed or give yourself the extra treat of a nap!


2. Work on Growth

    This one’s a more consistent routine instead of the one-and-done. Head to the nearest local plant shop, or even a hardware store with a garden section, and pick out a plant. Not just any old plant. Look at these babies and take home the one that interests you most. Does it brighten your space? Does it strike you as more productive than decorative? Whatever the reason caught your attention, bring it home and call it Junior! But really, caring for something other than yourself will give you a relaxing yet productive outlet. Read up on this plant’s specific needs (partial sunlight, constant moisture, etc.) and commit yourself to care for it. Take a picture of your new addition everyday and by the time a few weeks have passed, you’ll see how you made all the difference. You’re working on yourself all of the time, but can you really see the difference? Let this activity remind you that you’re growing too -even if it’s not so visible. Use this motivation to cast out any self-doubt.


3. Knead it Out!

    Alright, this one can be a regular activity or you can try it once and decide to leave it. Bread-making! Who doesn’t love bread? If you answered “me!” then at least you’ll have something most people enjoy to bring to your next dinner party. It’s also okay if you’re not typically a baker. There are tons of easy bread recipes that mostly demand elbow grease. That’s what makes it a good stress reliever! Kneading bread dough will let you release some of that frustration you’ve built up. At the end of the process you’ll have gotten a little work out to leave you tired enough to forget your worries. You’ll also have a sandwich staple for your lunches this week!

Question of the Session:

How are you making time to decompress and relieve stress?