Work Work Work | Second Quarter In Review

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Founder of Auden & Company

Well Well Well Guys & Gals! We have completed the second quarter of the year, we have entered the month of July, and do I have an update for you!  At the end of March, I shared my first quarter recap blog post I wanted to keep with tradition and let you all in on some girl boss realness.

Beyond the beautifully coordinated Instagram, the fun personal Instagram stories, and the overall highlight reel that is social media there lies a pile of paperwork, a phone of missed calls, texts, voicemails, a full inbox, failing technology, and little ole’ me trying to embrace the shambles that is my life!

I honestly feel like I have learned so much in these last 3 months that has given me a better perspective on running & growing my business. I want to focus on the highs before we get to the lows!

Summer Internship Program:

In May we launched the Auden & Company Internship Program! For the last two months, 5 amazing interns have added so much joy, so much collaboration, and so many fresh views on all parts of the business! Every week we host a team meeting in addition to our individual department meetings!

You can meet our interns here, follow us on Instagram for Intern Tuesday, & if you are a college student looking to apply, then go here.

A Better Infrastructure:

I knew at the end of March that my infrastructure needed some serious TLC. My onboarding process was in shambles! My offboarding process = shambles! My communication system = shambles! Since I was running Auden & Company part-time I basically put my infrastructure together to support my busy schedule which meant quick fixes. I started to see that my quick fixes didn't support how I wanted to come across to my clients! 

With the help from our business admin intern, Zach, we have streamlined every interaction a client will have with our brand! We covered every base including contracts, onboarding process, the client feedback process, client homework, communication, offboarding process, and more! 

My mind is at ease with the processes, policies, and procedures we have drafted and put in place! There is something beautiful about organization!


With a focus on our blog, At The Desk, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Cleveland businesses and Cleveland Business Owners! My roots are in the blogging sphere so I always knew that my business blog would encompass a shared space to filled with advice and open conversations! If you would like to guest blog please send us an email at

  1. Check Out our Photography Chat with Anita
  2. Check Out our Girl Boss Chat About Where Personality & Branding Collide.
  3. Check Out our Neighborhood Session with Limelight Coworking
Janae Bryson Auden & Company

Growing our At The Desk blog

A goal of mine when I started Auden & Company was to become an educational resource for business owners and creatives! I knew from the day I started writing my growth plan that I would have a blog attached to Auden & Company. With the help of our Editorial Assistant Danielle, we have created an awesome experience for anyone reading At The Desk. We have a summer goal to post 3x a week. (We are trying, I promise)

At The Desk Sessions: (n.) Are our version of blog categories

Sessions are our way of delivering fun quality content tailored to the aspects of OUR business that we love! If you have any request you would for the Auden & Company editorial team to take on let us know! 

  1. Chat Sessions
  2. Lifestyle Sessions
  3. Neighborhood Sessions
  4. Business Sessions
  5. Creative Sessions
  6. Company Sessions

New Packages New Auden & Company

When I started Auden & Company, I offered a la carte services because I didn't know what I wanted to offer or what would be beyond my scope of work. I tested out some design services and got the lay of the land. BUT I kept running into this contradiction “If I am a branding studio that preaches the importance of designing a comprehensive brand, how can offer a logo design a la carte? Especially if I preach to my clients that a brand is more than a logo, how can I offer logo design as an a la carte service!" SOOOOO (drum roll) we have bundled our preexisting services into 4 awesome packages that encompass our mission and our values as a company.

  1. Brand Essence
  2. Brand Radiance
  3. Brand Brilliance
  4. Social Flair

We will get into the details of these packages in a future company session and on our social media channels! I have also worked really hard to find an awesome photographer which means Auden & Company will be offering brand photography sessions! (As part of our branding packages)

Social Media

We heart Insta so much! We have gained a lot of followers over the last 3 months so I wanted to say Thank You so much for any and all who have followed Auden & Company on Instagram! You can connect with me & the team on these platforms!

My goal by the end of the summer is to get up content on Youtube & IGTV! WHO is ready!?


2nd Quarter in review

Now for the slumps of the past 3 months. When I started thinking about this I felt as if I could sum it up as one statement, finding the right people. My hardest part of the last three months has been my battle to find the right people to bring on to the team and the right clients who find value in a branding studio. I have not lost hope! I have had fantastic conversations with some one of a kind individuals who have given me faith that the right people are out there!

A note on faith, starting a business is a huge leap faith. Leaving my job in January was a huge leap of faith. Trusting people to execute your vision is a leap of faith! As they say, nothing will come from staying in your comfort zone. You have to take a leap of faiths in order to grow!

Keep at it! Smile through the hard times! Lean on your support system! Embrace the slumps because you will come out on the other side ready to kick ass! 

question of the session: 

How do you stay postive during the slumps in life?