Limelight: Local Coworking Space

The Jay St Entrance

The Jay St Entrance

Coworking Spaces

The term "workplace" is pretty ambiguous in the world of independent professionals. It can be anything from a home office to a café to a traditional office. For freelancers and contractors alike, work settings can shift from project to project unless they can settle into a productive hub. One method of work slowly spreading is opting for a coworking space: a shared space for independent workers. By offering the opportunity for social contact and designating a specific space to get work done, it's a compromise between working within a company and working in solitude. 

A Day at Limelight

Limelight, one of Cleveland's local coworking spaces, invited the Auden & Company team to join its community for a day. We approached a building in Ohio City, unsure of what to expect. Inside was full of eclectic décor and clean focus areas. Independents could choose from conference desk spaces, cozy lounge furniture, or private rooms to escape distraction. Our team really embraced the open space and WiFi. And although we didn't need it, we liked the option of kitchen snacks! 

Our Thoughts

At the end of our session, we talked about our thoughts on the experience and how it did as a workspace:


Was this space comfortable to work in? Why/why not?

General Consensus: Yes, the dynamic layout made for a nice contrast to a traditional or home office.

"Here, whenever I want to stop focusing, I can look at patterns and dé ignites the creative flow in my mind. I'm distracted in a positive way so that I won't want to get up and do laundry or something." -Viicky


How did this setting affect your work style?

General Consensus: The different style settings allowed easy transitions between work and breaks.

"Sitting in a white room with a black desk is so boring it really makes me not want to work. But here, I can sit on the couch, sit at the bar, sit in these swivel chairs so I feel like I have more freedom and I'm eager to work." -Eve


How did the social aspect impact your ability to work?

General Consensus: Being surrounded by others working became a motivator. 

"When you see other people work, it puts good stress on you to work...I like that we're in our own corner and everyone is in their own space. I haven't found it distracting at all." -Patrick


 Could you collaborate with others working on unrelated projects?

General Consensus: Collaboration seems unlikely, but socializing could inspire new ideas.

"When it comes to would kind of have to find a similar business. Collaborating could happen by chance but I feel like people value their personal space. I'm sure you could work with someone if you wanted. " -Zach

Founder Janae at Limelight Coworking 

Founder Janae at Limelight Coworking 

A Note from Janae on Limelight

While I routinely work from the comfort of my home where I have become accustomed to slow starts to the day, working on the couch with my tea, and a distraction here or there. Visiting Limelight Coworking space was a nice break from the routine. I was approached by Michelle to come to visit limelight for a day with the team! When I entered Limelight, I was met by Michelle, who sat at the front desk, and an open concept that embodied the foundation of co-working space. Michelle gave me a walkthrough of Limelight, showcasing all that they have to offer to the busy entrepreneur.  From conference rooms to phone booths (phones not included) to a well-stocked kitchen and bathrooms with awesome wallpaper! (Makes the Bathroom Selfie Justifiable!)

Whenever I venture outside of my home to go work I am always bombarded with the worry of "Will there be enough space?" "Will I have a plug to use?" "If I stay a long time what will I eat?" "If I leave to get food will there be space for me when I get back"   Because of the questions and planning involved with working at coffee shops and cafes I was happy when Limelight had taken away the worry. I was able to go to the kitchen area and grab a cup of coffee, I was able to leave and walk to Ohio City Burrito while leaving all of my stuff there, and there was a plethora of plugs and sitting available!

Our meeting lasted from 11-3 but I stayed till about 5 or so just to get a real feel for working solo at Limelight! All the staff I encountered at Limelight (Michelle & Fitz) were extremely helpful. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking fora space check out Limelight! 

Question of the Session

Have you tried out a coworking space if so what did you think?