3 Professional Resources You Overlooked


As your career launches, you may feel overwhelmed by an endless list of questions and topics you’ve written notes to yourself to research. Depending on where your starting point is, it may even feel like the most helpful resources are inaccessible due to financial strain, social exclusivity, or simply a lack of knowledge about what is available. We’ve decided to point out three ways to learn more that you may have overlooked. 

The Library

Of course, libraries are known for housing knowledge in the form of reference material and computer labs -but what about lessons? No, we’re not talking about story time in the children’s section! We mean lessons for grown-ups: workshops and seminars. Although workshops can be hosted in a multitude of places, libraries often offer free (or low-budget) ones. The workshops can span over weeks and cover realistic topics to focus on furthering your career or business. These series usually go over fundamental information for the subject and advise credible ways to continue your development.


Local Networking Groups

Your best bet for practical learning is consulting others who have gone through and understand the journey ahead of you. While some networking groups require membership fees, there actually are open groups focusing strictly on knowledge exchange! Definitely look into the groups hosting events but also sift through your own community -in person and online. As we mentioned in a previous post, the best networking community is the personal one you build over time; however, reaching out to organized groups helps more with concerns specific to your current position and completing short term goals.


Social Media

Despite its reputation for showcasing unreal life, social media actually serves as a great resource to learn from people outside of your personal network. Much like networking groups, social media provides the opportunity to gain insight without networking. One advantage here is that useful information can simply be waiting for you -as long as you follow the right accounts. Look toward the hosts of relatable blogs, like-minded entrepreneurs, and exceptional creatives. Online culture fosters an openness that allows you to gain perspective that you can apply to own journey. And if you’re willing to take the initiative, social media can definitely work into your networking!

Question of the Session:

Are you actually exploring all of your options?