Business Apps You Should Be Using


When you think about how incredibly immersive and time-consuming it is to run a business, it's natural to look for any tools or support that can ease the intensity of it all. While it's definitely worthwhile to consult colleagues and read up on expert advice, these resources aren't always available --let alone in a time crunch. Apps are quick and consistently accessible tools to help you manage anything from simple communications to web analytics. So we've listed a few apps you could be using to help smooth your day-to-day operations. 


1. Google Drive

An easy go-to for anyone keeping organized proves essential for business owners as well! Google Drive allows you to easily edit, access, and store files from anywhere. You can even scan pictures into new files.

2. Domo

The data's all there! Domo pulls data from your websites and accounts to show a current overview of your business analytics. In addition to the technical info, you can easily communicate with your company network.

3. Square

Another pretty common one --Square POS is meant to organize and process transactions. With the card reading device, you can handle business from anywhere.

4. Canva

Written content is one thing, but social media audiences demand visual content to accompany it. Canva is an easy design app that provides templates, photos, and editing options to customize your graphics for any post!

5. Google My Business

The go to app for managing your presence on Google. This app helps you increase your visibilty on Google Search & Google Maps in your local community! You gain access to insights, which help you see how your audience is responding to your business. 

6. Quickbooks

And last but certainly not least, is the app to manage accounting and finances. QuickBooks Accounting organizes your bookkeeping and financial reports so that company activity is clear and accounted for!