Seasonal Color Personalities

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Choosing your brand colors can seem impossible! When you sit down and think about what colors should help tell the story of your brand you are hit with a world of color! All of these beautiful colors! We all know that when bombarded with many options our minds tends to get overwhelmed and we shut down! Sometimes we pick colors that are ok but don't compliment our brand. 

Today, we will be discussing the importance of seeing color as seasonal personalities and how that mindset will guide you in making better visual decisions for your brand down the road! 

Spring Personality

Image Via Glam Meets Gal

Image Via Glam Meets Gal

When you think of spring what do you feel? Spring symbolizes an awakening! When we see signs of spring we are automatically filled with optimism and enthusiasm. If you visualize looking out your window here is what you will see; you will see plant bulbs that are rich in color and charming blossoms on trees that are pastel in color.  Your brand will be simple yet warm with a strong sense of clarity, and will have lots of heart!

 Brands that choose spring as their color personality will be brands that are

  • attracted to fun
  • personable 
  • social 
  • open minded 
  • friendly 
  • bursting with life
  • contemporary 

Spring Colors 

Light, Bright, & Clear. Think of the pastel colors on the color spectrum and the vibrant colors such as primrose yellow and verdant green. 

Julia of Glam Meet Gal has developed a beautiful spring personality for her lifestyle brand! 

Summer Personality Bloguettes.jpg

Bloguettes is transitioning over to a summer personality. By using more colors that are muted and adding the touch of gray! This evokes the emotion that Bloguettes is striving to be a more refined boutique brand! 

Summer Personality

After spring blooms, we are hit with the soaring temperatures of summer. The bright colors fade as the hot summer temps rise. This leaves us with soft delicate muted tones. When you think of summer you should think of long summer nights lounging around. Summer is gracefully elegant, & reserved. Summer brings a less manic energy and a more reserved structured energy. A summer color personalities lead to the use of more textures, watercolor, and traditional fonts. 

Brands that choose summer as their color personality will be brands that are

  • aspirational
  • luxurious 
  • balanced 
  • elegant 
  • organized 
  • empathetic 
  • intuitive 

Summer Colors 

Cool & Muted. Think lavender & dusty rose. Think vintage colors like navy blue or deep forest green. 

Autumn Personality

Image Via Mallory Morris 

Image Via Mallory Morris 

Image Via Mallory Morris 

Autumn colors are brought to you by the bountifulness of the harvest. There is a feeling of productivity and exuberance during this 3 months of Autumn. The leaves are changing colors to bright bold oranges, yellows, reds, and coppers/golds. Intense colors drive brands that lean towards the autumn personality. Warm & friendly many brands value authenticity and integrity while also having an immense amount of respect for the world of nature. An Autumn color personality leads to use of natural textures, recycled papers, handwritten fonts, and illustration styles that have substance. 

Brands that choose Autumn as their color personality will be brands that are

  • passionate 
  • warm 
  • historic 
  • organic 
  • ambitious 
  • authentic 
  • earthly
  • focused 
  • substance 

Autumn Colors 

Warm & Intense. Think burnt orange to the colors of burlap. Pull from the colors of harvest, deep purples, reds, oranges. The use of warm metallics such as copper & gold.  

Mallory of Mallory On The Moon brings an autumn personality to her style & lifestyle brand through her editing style! You can see the warmth & intensity of colors in her images

Winter Personality

image via The Grey Layers

Jeanne of The Grey Layers uses cool tones to bring out the winter color personality. 

Image via The Grey Layers 

Winter is where colors fade and we are left what may seem like a dull canvas. Winter personalities are grounded which leads to an unfussy, glamorous, & opulent brand. Pulling from the simplistic cool tones of the color spectrum. When you think of winter you should visualize the sunlight bouncing off of frosted branches to create a clear vision. Winter brands tend to pull from geometric shapes, clean patterns, & minimal fonts . 

Brands that choose winter as their color personality will be brands that are

  • strong 
  • focused 
  • grounded 
  • practical 
  • experts 
  • lavish 
  • glamrous 
  • uncompromising 

Winter Colors 

Cool & Intense. Winter personalties can use pure black & pure white. Think ice blue and silver as the metallic. 

Question of the Session

After reading this article, do you feel a sense of clarity when it comes to picking your brand colors? If so, what color personality would your brand be? Leave your comment below!

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