Highs & Lows | First Quarter In Review


The first quarter of the year has flown by! In one blink we went from celebrating the new year with intentions to wondering why it is still snowing in April! (Clevelanders will understand this!) I wanted to recap the highs and lows of the first quarter, both in business and in my personal life! 

I love recapping the highs & lows! I believe in celebrating the small victories & seeing where I may be able to improve. Or simply understanding that there will always be lows with highs and vice versa! so let the recapping begin! 


This January I decided to take Auden & Company to a full-time hustle! No more security of my lovely job with my favorite little lady Sophie! Although I was more than excited to give my business the attention it deserved, I was as equally nervous. Big risks like this are not my thing, I naturally lean to more safe decision making but I knew that if I was not willing to change my mindset then I couldn't grow my business! 

On a personal level, I was still reeling from moving from my apartment to a house in the dead of winter! I thought by giving myself a holiday break I would be able to catch up on life! I was super anxious with all the responsibility I took on at the same time I decided to quit my job! I SURVIVED! 

Since my nerves ran January for me let me share some of my highs and some of my lows! 


  • I went full time with Auden & Company 
  • My cleveland.com article went live. You can read it here
  • I booked my first long distance client 
  • I successfully paid all my bills (its the little things)


  • One of my clients dropped out (devasting because there is nagging voice in the back of your head going over the whole onboarding process with a fine tooth comb)
janae_bryson_audenandcompany_ highs_lows


A short month filled with many highs and barely any lows! In my Authentic Connections post, I said that I wanted to meet with more people offline and invest in experiences offline! Thank you to all the people who met with me for coffee, who showed me what Cleveland is missing in terms of resources for women-owned businesses especially for young business owners! 

I am huge advocate for creative conversations that can spark change and or an idea that will lead to helpful resources down the road! (One of these ideas will be launching during the second quarter)

February was a feel-good month for me, filled with fun opportunities and barely any lows!  


  • Seeing myself in print. My cleveland.com article went to the plain dealer and that was truly unreal!!
  • I spoke at Walsh University, to a group of women! I talk all about my Walsh speaking here.
  • I hosted the first Auden & Company Team meeting! Good Food, Laughter, Good People! 
  • I did pretty well posting on our Instagram! Give us a follow here


  • Slow booking month
  • Cold outside



The month where things picked up at an unnerving rate that even today I still feel like I am playing catch up! March was the spark of new client work for me. Less in the way of sitting behind the computer and more of getting up and directing! Ya know putting my boss nature to use! I directed two photo shoots during the month of March! Now, this may seem like something small but when I started Auden & Company, I had a growth plan of where I wanted to take the company. I wanted to be able to include photography into my product offerings but had to take that out of the original launch! 

I dived into the weaknesses of my business, the finances, and decided the direction I wanted to go in! I worked on hashing out the details that I have been swirling in my head but never made it to paper! Alright so let's get to the highs and lows of March


  • Launched the new Auden & Company site 
  • Directed multiple photoshoots 
  • Attended a Local Girl Gang event 
  • Started some really fun projects
  • Hosted a fun international womens day giveaway


  • I am behind schedule on a couple of things 
  • Stressed is my middle man
Dress: Zara || Shoes; Lauren Conrad || Necklace Oceanne 

Dress: Zara || Shoes; Lauren Conrad || Necklace Oceanne 

Running a business is hard, I cried a few times over the 3 months from exhaustion, frustration, creative slumps. I had to learn to small business taxes which gave me the biggest headache. I had to embrace disappoint and understand what happens when you do not have the rigt policies in place! I had embrace a lot of no's with a annoyingly optimstic attitude! BUT that is what it takes to run a business! 

When 2018 started, I had many intentions to just live life, run my business, and invest in experiences rather than things. So looking forward to the next three months I intend to go to the gym! Yes, I actually bought a gym membership! If you read this don't hesitate to keep me accountable. I intend to invest in my team, I have had an awesome time interviewing summer interns over the past few weeks! I intend to educate more! (I am keeping this one a secret until it launches!)

Alright, guys! The question of the day, What is one thing you plan to invest in the next 3 months? Leave your comment below!

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