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Women's Day Illustration Created by Max Vallas

Happy Internation Women's Day! 

Last year I shared the 'Female is the Future' Reading List! This year I wanted to share with you what is like to build a badass female team that oozes creative energy! Why? Because empowered women, empower women! 

I am a firm believer in building a solid tribe that sees your visions and one that you can connect with as your authentic self! You always want to make sure you can share a laugh and similar plight with those you work with. This way you are getting honest interactions with your team!

When I started my journey to team building, my main focus was to see if we sparked! I know you guys are probably like solid interview advice Janae! Since I was interviewing many candidates that spark was important. I automatically lightened the mood by being transparent. I let everyone know that I was new to this and what stage my business was in. In hopes that my honesty would shed some of the seriousness away. 

I created a list of interview questions that were fun yet business related, personal yet education related, creative yet skill related! The diverse collection of questions led to an organic flow in conversation. 


I think if you position an interview as a conversation the flow you get is more organic rather than a response that is tailored and practiced. 

After I finished the interview questions, I went to write down everything that stayed with me about the person I just talked to! Both positives and negatives. Since I am naturally the worlds most annoying overthinker this came naturally to me! When you capture unfiltered thoughts reading them back will help you make your decision! 

At the end of the call or in-person interview, I let everyone know that I would be following up with a test project! A test project as part of the interview process is a creative way to test a few things! 

  1. How they do with client feedback
  2. If they can stick to a proposed deadline 
  3. And of course their design skills outside of their portfolio

I also framed it as a contest, accidentally! Whoever's design was picked by the client then they got paid what I quoted my client at! Again this showed a level transparency and reinforced that they deserve to get paid for their work! 


Photos by Kat Chew

I had told myself to only pick one person! But I had a creative spark with two people! I couldn't stop talking about them!! Let me introduce the creative badass women that put the company into Auden & Company! 

With both Max & Kat, I can send the most jumbled email or start a conversation that goes in a roundabout and they will catch on to what I am getting at! They aren't afraid to pitch ideas! The thing about creative businesses is that you need collaborative conversations! We need to be able to keep topping ourselves and creating brands that are outside of the box! A huge part of fostering that collaborative aura is to start with an idea and let the brainstorming begin! I tend to like a structured conversation for client meetings but I also will let the course fo the conversation veer to whereever it needs to go! 

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Image via The Sassy Girl Life

Image via The Sassy Girl Life


By Grace Bonney

What a better way to celebrate women then a book that celebrates women! 

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