Tips for Launching a Product During Holiday Season


Bells will be ringing and that usually indicates Holiday Season is among us. This also means consumers will be bombarded with ads and deals from all over. What can you do to spark the consumers eyes and have them fall in love with your product…. and ultimately, your whole brand? Here are some tips for launching a product during the holiday season.

  1. Launch sooner than later

    Retail Holiday starts as early as October these days. Give your product enough time to catch a consumer’s eye and see how well it does during the Holiday season. Figure out where or when your target consumer will do their holiday shopping and launch accordingly.

  2. Get on Social Media

    Social media persuades our buying decisions, believe it or not. Most shoppers learn about products launching via social media like Instagram or Twitter. Also, use social media to market your product around key shopping days, like Black Friday. Mass communication about your product around a major shopping day should equal profit and success for you. You should be on social media creating hype around your the launch of product prior to the holiday season starting. We share how you can create hype around a launch in this article

  3. Promotion

    Be sure to invest adequate time and money into holiday promotions. Everyone is shopping and most want to get the most bang for their buck while shopping during the holidays. Having a sale or a discount code on your site to effectively promote your product. By providing a holiday incentive you are peaking the interest of the people, which will hopefully lead to them spending more time learning about your new product. Ask friends and family to help spread the word about the new product you are launching!

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Can you think of any other ways to help have a successful product launch during the holidays? What has been your most successful holiday product launch? Let me know in the comments! Chat Soon.

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