Re-establishing Your Brand for the Fourth Quarter


It’s already October, it seemed like it just was July 4th a couple days ago. There are three months left of the year, let’s make them count when re-establishing your brand for the last quarter of the year.

The fourth quarter of the year is crucial and all businesses want to finish off the year with a bang. Businesses must regularly analyze trends to determine what can capture and maintain their audience. We live in a time of constant change so consistent brand re-establishment is key to staying relevant to consumers. Here are a few ways to successfully do so.

  1. Updating your logo.

    Giving your logo a fresh new look will peak consumers attention, giving attention to your brand

  2. Set new end of the year goals

    Take note of goals reached throughout the year and set new goals based on areas that could stand improvement to end the year on a high note. Create a goal sheet to map out exactly what you need done and make sure to prioritize what truly is important.

  3. Get feedback from fellow team members

    A questionnaire or survey is a great way to get an idea on the general thoughts your team members, where you excel and where there’s opportunity for growth. After all, the people you collab with regularly to keep the business afloat are crucial and opinions should matter.

  4. Create a new slogan.

    Capture new customers with a fresh new slogan that summarizes what your business is about and why you stand out. Reiterating what you’re all about with a new slogan will also reinforce your current customers’ loyalty.

These are just a few ways re-establish your brand for the fourth quarter. Research, goal setting and small improvements are steps to making sure 2018 ends as a successful year for your business and smoothly transition into the new year. Chat to you soon.