Productivity Hacks


Working for yourself take hard work and dedication. Anyone who runs their own business will tell you that any way to increase your productivity will benefit not only you, but the business as well. Productivity is using your time efficiently to produce results. Here is a short list of entrepreneurial productivity hacks to help enhance your organization and time management and limit distractions.

Waking up early

They say the early bird catches the worm. Waking up 2 hours earlier means  2 more hours in the day to complete tasks. You will feel motivated and energized knocking out tasks early and will probably save some time later in the day, perhaps giving you more time for leisure or self-care (more on that later).

Writing things down

Having a tangible to-do list, versus a digital or mental one, will help you remember your tasks better. Visually seeing in front of you the tasks at hand can help you prioritize and lower stress instead of thinking about all you have to do at once. When the task is done, physically scratching off your list feels satisfying, motivating you to complete your next task at hand.

Complete your hardest task first.

Knocking out your hardest or most tedious task first will save you from procrastination later. By getting it out the way, it doesn’t weigh on us and create anxiety while completing your other tasks on the to-list.

Create time-blocks Strictly for work

Dedicate a time-block of focused work with zero interruptions. No social media, no checking messages. Things will get done much faster with limited distractions and the reward for that is great.

Make time for self-care

You can’t pour from an empty cup. We all know working for yourself is hard work and time consuming. Remembering to take care of yourself first will help you physically and mentally achieve results. Eating wholesome foods, meditation, doing hobbies and being active at least 30 minutes a day clears the mind and keeps stress at bay, making your more likely to complete your tasks and increasing your overall well-being.

Making the most of your time is key to aiding in the success of your business. It can be hard to become distraction, overwhelmed and discouraged while working for yourself. Time management, dedication and organization will benefit you, lower your stress levels and increase your overall productivity.

Question of The Session

Have you tried any of these hacks? What helps you stay on task and get things done? Let me know in the comments. Chat to you soon.