Three Influencers Who Have Redefined Community

When you think of the word community, immediately what pops up in your head is a group of people living in close quarters, all with something in common. That something could be share interests, ideas, etc.

In today’s day and age, living in close quarters with someone in a community is an option. The internet has opened the floodgates for millions of people to interact, share knowledge and common interests with others who could live next door or could be three thousand miles away from you.

Influencers on the internet have taken notes and successfully taken full advantage of this phenomenon. By creating unique and original content and sharing it on such a vass platform, there are bound to be strangers who come across such content and find a feeling of fellowship with others, creating a following and fanbase for that influencer.

We’ve researched and came up with three influencers who have redefined community. These three people all have completely different backgrounds, job titles and fan bases. But they all have been influential and created a virtual community simply by branding themselves and raising a common issue, interest or idea.


Karen Civil

Karen Civil is a digital media strategist, author and entrepreneur. Her dream has always been to work in the media since she was in middle school. She gained major attention after she created the site, a website where rapper Lil Wayne published letters to his fans while serving time in Rikers Island. Using the internet to her advantage, she created a bridge between Wayne and his community of fans in an innovative way. In her success, she has used her platform to influence other young black people, especially women, in her industry.


Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is a beauty influencer who has paved the way for many black women in the beauty industry. By being outspoken about racism in the beauty community and the lack of diversity of foundation shade ranges, she has helped spark the conversation of inclusivity, resulting in the mass expansion of foundation shade ranges to accommodate our diversifying world. She even has her own collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics, helping them extend their Born This Way foundation range from 25-35, creating more options for darker complexions.


Amber Wagner

Known officially as @jstlbby on Instagram, Amber Wagner is not your ordinary motivational speaker. With her crazy wigs, extra long nails, and “colorful” vocabulary, she is far from average. But that is what is the best thing about her. Her words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration and spirituality mixed with her unique style and personality draws people in with open ears and warm hearts. Add in body positivity, self love and comedy and she’ll have you hooked, along with her 1.6 million other fans and community members.


There are plenty of other influencers on the internet, there’s actually too many to keep up with. These three are a starting point and great examples of redefining the meaning of community, rallying people together with their personal messages, ideas and interests.

Who are some of your favorite influencers? Let me know in the comments! Chat to you soon.