Authentic Connections

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We made it! I hope that you had a great 2017, filled with accomplishments, joy, and fulfillment! The year of 2017 was a whirlwind of everything. From accomplishing firsts to travelling more to hitting milestones!

I am not necessarily for the bombardment of new year's resolutions. I found that I could never really stick to them. I am sure that I am not the only who have forgotten about new year's resolutions once I set them. So last year I started thinking about how can I make resolutions that hold significant growth potential for me. I ended up thinking as the resolution as intentions for the upcoming year! What did I intend to do, accomplish, and overcome?

Everything that starts in the universe starts with intention

Changing the mindset from resolution to intention provided a great foundation for all the accomplishments I was blessed with in 2017! You know what they say… if it isnt broke dont fix it!! For 2018, I intend to make more authentic connections!

You can say wait what? The meaning of authentic connections is based on that certain obsessive addictive foaming at the mouth habit I have… Any guesses? If you guessed social media, you would be right!

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love that you are able to see so many creative people, dive into their processes, and grow and connect with your audience as brand. I find social media to be a fun creative outlet!

What I hate about social media is the dependence I have developed to connect with people via social media. I have become so dependant that I forget to go beyond the screen to connect with these awesome people! My intention of authentic connections is to connect with people the real way… over wine and conversation of course. On a serious note, I plan to apply authentic connections to mind, body, and social endeavors.  

So here is to more conversations and less double tapping! 


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