How To Stay Creative


Staying creative can be a struggle especially for those of us who create for others. We are constantly generating new ideas which may lead to recycling the same ideas or being creatively blocked. There are many techniques that we can incorporate into your daily routine to keep our creative tank well fueled.

Inspiration Time

It is important to dedicate to reading, research, and browsing. Being able to stay current with what is happening in your industry will help you stay inspired! Set 30-60 minutes aside to read a book, your favorite blogs, look through magazines, etc.

Establish A Routine

Establishing a routine can help you to eliminate the meaningless decisions that occupy your brain power. With a routine, you are able to focus on creating! This also goes for your creative process as a creative entrepreneur. You should establish how you will handle creating for your clients and yourself. By knowing how you will proceed with creating you can eliminate some thinking time!

Diversify Your Calendar

Although having a routine will divert your creative power to your creative task, making sure you schedule similar projects apart from one another is key. When we work on similar projects we tend to get drained or recycle the same ideas.

Say NO

Some projects are not meant for you and that’s ok! It is important to be invested in the project that you are working on. You want to love what you are doing so picking projects that fit will keep you inspired to keep creating!

How do you recharge your creative battery? Did these tips help?

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