Create A Vision Board

A Vision Board is a collection of images, words, and other visual representations that depict your future life. 

Image: Jasmine Dowling

Image: Jasmine Dowling

Vision boards are a mix of goal setting and intentional thinking. The idea is to build around your goals with positive thinking and visualization. A vision board can remind you of the feeling you want to attract/ achieve in your life! If we can see what we have set out to accomplish then we are more likely to continue with the work required to attain our goals. Vision boards are a great creative tool to pair with goal setting! 

How To Create A Vision Board

  1. Set: We have an awesome article about setting & accomplishing goals here
  2. Collect: Collect images, quotes, words of affirmation that correlate with your goals 
  3. Create: Just like scrapbooking place the images how you will be most inspired by your board. 

You can use poster board, cork, a wall. The idea is to make it as motivational as possible. (Place it somewhere you will see it each day)


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