5 Tips to A Successful Launch

Image via With Grace & Gold

Image via With Grace & Gold

1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF! 

Launching a business can be a daunting task. The pre-launch checklist may seem to be never-ending. It is easy to want to strive for perfection. Striving for perfection will push your launch date back! No worries we want to help you get your launch date with some tips! 

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Set a firm launch date + create hype

If you have a date set you can create hype by creating a Countdown Campaign  Which will aid in reminding people that your product, website, or business is launching on a said date.

Brand your launch

Create branded images for your launch. By branding your launch you are creating visual brand awareness & consistency. Which will help your audience remember who you are!

You also can create a hashtag that compliments your launch!

Create a landing or cover page for your website

If you are looking to give your audience an idea of what is to come, set up a cover page. Make sure to include a call to action that prompts them to sign up for your newsletter.

Share sneak peeks

By sharing behind the scenes of you preparing for your launch you are creating a genuine curiosity. So people will tune in to see & learn more! 


Be Prepared to Launch

Check to make sure:

01. That every link on your website works

02. That every picture loads

03. Loading time is quick

04. Spelling & Grammar are fixed


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