the goal is to create a brand that is welcoming and light. that embodies what it is like for you to be "homemaker." you can even redefine the word "homemaker" you know add the modern day twist to you! You help people find houses that they can turn into homes! As well as create a happy home for yourself, your children, & your husband! 

Logo Inspiration

My design preference makes me feel inclined to include a house in your logo. I think a house will be a universal symbol of Real Estate, Wife, & Mom! You are in charge of selling & making happy homes! I think the visual cue would be nice! Let me know your thoughts!

COLOR Inspiration

Based on your answer to the color you like I decided to play with these sets of pastel. These are not final and we can play with different color spectrums if you would like! I decided with a coral as your pastel orange. (The last color looks more green than gray, I'll fix that)

Question: Would you prefer a dark gray or a light gray? 


Photography Inspiration

Keeping with your wish to display a light welcoming brand, I thought these would be a good anchor point to show to Kameron. Some of the house, you welcoming people at the door, maybe styling a floral arrangement, & of course you in your element! Maybe if you wanted to include some family shots as well! 

Brands I Love 

Please feel free to add to this list!

  • Scout The City 
  • Magnoli (Chip & Joanna Gaines)
  • Patti Wagner (

Websites I Love

Please feel free to add to this list!